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Marble Prices in Pakistan 2023


Marble Prices in Pakistan 2022

Are you looking for marble price in Pakistan? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will provide an updated list of marbles prices in Pakistan for the year 2022. We will also discuss different types of Pakistani marbles and their various uses.

So whether you are a home builder or just someone who is interested in learning more about this natural stone, read on! This blog post aims to provide readers with a comprehensive list of Pakistani marbles and their prices.

Why is marble used?

Why is marble used

Marble is a natural stone that is crushed, cut and processed into slabs. It is used as a veneer or polished for interior and exterior flooring, countertops and all kinds of decorative purposes.

However, marble can be expensive to buy in Pakistan due to the limited supply of this material in the country. People who require large quantities of marble have no choice but to import it from India or China at much higher prices.

However, there are many types of Pakistani marbles that vary by colour, veining and price in Pakis. In addition to being beautiful pieces of art themselves, marbles add value to whatever they adorn because their quality depends on where they come from. For example, Paar Marble from Punjab has been known to fetch the highest price in the market.

What is the difference between marble and granite?

Both marble and granite are natural stones that are used in home construction. They can be polished or unpolished, depending on the availability of skilled labour to finish them off

While they both look similar when finished, the price difference between these two materials is huge due to various factors. Marble is found in soft, fine pieces while granite is found in hard, massive chunks. Marble is easier to work with since it can be cut and polished at lower speeds. In contrast, granite requires harder equipment to process.

In addition, the supply of marble in Pakistan is limited because of a lack of deposits. On top of that, marble needs a particular kind of climate for its formation. This makes it a rare stone in Pakistan – and therefore, more expensive.

Granite, on the other hand, is found in massive chunks all over the world. It also requires much less processing time than marble to be used as building blocks or countertops. For these reasons, granite is cheaper than marble.

Pros of Marble Flooring in Pakistan

To conclude, marble has many advantages over other types of flooring material

1. Marble is easy to maintain because it doesn’t absorb grease and liquids as carpets do. It also does not fall prey to stains as much as wood or plastic flooring does

2. Granite and marble are durable materials that can last a long time

3. Marble floors are easy to clean and maintain

4. Marble has a natural beauty that cannot be replicated by any other material regardless of how much you try

5. Because marble is an expensive material, it makes the house more valuable

6. Also, due to their ornamental properties, marbles are sometimes gifted during weddings

7. Marble flooring is perfect for adding an opulent yet classy look to your house

Cons of Marble Flooring in Pakistan

The disadvantages of using marble as flooring material include:

1. Marble can be slippery especially if wet and requires a non-slip coating

2. Marble is porous and absorbs liquid spills

3. Marbles scratch easily and cannot withstand heavy-duty traffic

4. There are very few polishing services in the country that can bring back your marble floor to its original state unlike wood or plastic floors

5. Marble is a natural stone and as such, it limits the kind of decor you can do in your house. In addition to being expensive, maintenance of marble flooring is also not as simple as it is for other types of flooring material.

Types of marble

Types of marble


Pakistan has various types of marble. Some of the more popular marbles that can be found in this country are described below:

1) China verona plan marble

This marble is known for its unique veining and comes in shades of beige, gold and light brown. The marble’s natural appearance makes it perfect for homes, offices and other commercial spaces.

2) Sugarco marble

This type of marble has multiple layers that peel off if not properly handled while polishing. It is mostly used on flooring material because it also requires less maintenance than other kinds of marble.

3)China verona gold marble

This marble has brown veins and is mostly used for flooring. It can be cut with a saw and polished too.

4) Italian rose gold marble

The name describes the type of marble pretty well. It is mostly used as floor tiles because it can withstand better than other types of marble.

5) China nickel silver marble

This type of marble also makes a very good flooring material because it is durable and can withstand heavy traffic.

6) Tavera Marble

This is the lightest coloured marble found in Pakistan. It comes in shades of beige and grey.

7) Badal grey

This marble comes in shades of grey and white. Its natural veining makes it a popular choice for flooring material.

8) Grey emperador

Grey Emperador is a mid-range marble that comes in various shades of grey to brown tones and is utilized on both expensive as well as simple houses.

9) Ziarat white

This marble is a favourite among those who have small budgets but still want to decorate their home. It comes in shades of white and cream and can also be used for flooring purposes.

10) Ziarat pearl

This marble has a unique blend of colours that includes green, grey, brown and even pink tones. It is mostly imported from Italy.

Prices of marble in Pakistan

The prices of marbles depend on several factors including the type of marble, where it is being sourced from and who is importing it. Thus, these are subject to change. However, prices of different marbles are listed below:

1) China verona plain marble price

China Verona is one of the most lovely kinds of marble available for flooring. It is also one of the most in-demand marbles, which is why it is among the most costly marble varieties in Karachi and Pakistan. Manan Marble Industry has it on sale at a price of Rs.100 per square foot.

2) Verona crystal marble price

Another fantastic option is Verona Crystal Marble. It has a golden brown colour and a lovely feel to it. When placed on flooring, it gives your space a beautiful appearance. Currently, Verona crystal marble costs Rs.75 per square foot. You may get it from Manan Marble Industry at a significant discount rate.

3) Verona spots marble price:

Another type of Verona marble stone for flooring is Verona Spots, which is also known as Verona Dhaba in Pakistan. It’s commonly used in rooms, galleries, stairwells, and even kitchens. The cost of Verona spots marble today is approximately Rs.47 per square foot.

4) Tavera marble price

Another lovely sort of marble utilized for a variety of applications is Tavera. In Karachi, Pakistan, and the rest of the world, Tavera marble flooring costs 45 rupees per square foot. The beautiful granular structure that covers the entire surface and gives it an intricately designed appearance comes from Tavera marble.

5) Tavera light marble price

Manan Marble Industry has a variety of marble types, including Tavera light marble. Tavera light marble is available for Rs.45 per square foot. If you seek lower-cost marble flooring alternatives, it’s one of the most popular kinds of marble flooring.

6) Tipi flower marble price

Tipi Flower is a beautiful, natural stone marble that’s very popular in Pakistan for flooring. It has a lovely granular structure within it that adds to the attractiveness of your floor. Tipi flower marble costs Rs. 60 per square foot in Karachi, Pakistan.

7) Oceanic marble price

If you’re searching for a distinctive hue and design in your home, consider buying oceanic marble. The colour of oceanic marble is greenish-black with brown speckles, which generates a lovely pattern. Oceanic marble costs Rs. 60 per square foot.

8) Black and gold marble price:

Another lovely natural stone flooring tile that you may utilize for interior flooring in your property is Black and Gold Marble. It’s one of the most beautiful kinds of marble. But that’s why it’s also a pricey option. The black and gold marble price per square foot is Rs. 120.

9) Golden marble price

The Golden Marble costs Rs.45 in Karachi, Pakistan. It’s also a less expensive but still attractive flooring marble. In comparison to other marbles, it has a brighter golden hue that stands out.

10) New fancy marble price

Another beautiful choice in marble for flooring is Manan Marble Industry’s new fancy marble. It has several options, each of which has a different cost. The price of new fancy marble varies from 70 to Lakhroot fancier marble costs Rs. 70.

11) Ziarat gray marble price

Ziarat marble comes in two varieties. It is a regional marble, although it is also an extremely costly flooring marble. Gray Ziarat Marble costs approximately Rs.90 per square foot. Apart from being pricey, it’s also a stunning type of flooring marble.

12) Ziarat supreme marble price

If you’re seeking the most luxurious and attractive form of marble in Pakistan, Ziarat Supreme Marble is the way to go. The Ziarat Supreme Marble is one of Pakistan’s best marbles, with a price of Rs.300 per square foot in Karachi, Pakistan.

13) Badal marble price

Badal Marble is a kind of natural stone tile as well. It’s one of the most gorgeous flooring tiles available from the Manan Marble Industry. Furthermore, Badal marble costs Rs.80 per square foot.

Which marble is best for a house?

It’s hard to choose the ideal marble for your house, but one thing is certain: you want to make sure it adds beauty and class. It shouldn’t look tacky or cheap. Thus, remember that it is important how your marble flooring will interact with the rest of the room. Will it appear natural? Or would another style of flooring be better suited for the room?

Ziarat White marble is considered best for houses because it costs very little which is affordable for everyone.

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